Basic Crystallography Diagrams

The following diagrams were all drawn for use in the Introductory Crystallography Lectures in the Crystallography Workshop held annually by the Structural Chemistry Group. To get the original WPG files from the Structural Chemistry ftp site, click here. To get a 640x480 gif version of the diagram, simply click on the required mini-graphic.

In addition a manual describing the solution of single crystal structures using WinGX can be found here.

Example Diagrams from Crystallography Workshop
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Two dimensional hexagonal close packing Three dimensional hexagonal close packing Three dimensional cubic close packing
Example miller indices Centring in orthorhombic unit cells The inversion centre
Octahdral and Tetrahedral sites Point symmetry of benzene Point symmetry of thiourea
Point symmetry of camphor One dimensional space symmetry Braggs law
Reciprocal Space.

These diagrams were all drawn by Brian Craig Taverner (